Makanas Beach Bungalows

Getting There

Location and Directions

Makanas is located ~200m North of Florblanca Resort, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Well, if you are planning to go and check, it by yourself, Makanas is situated 200 meter away North of the Florbanca Resort of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. In fact, this town is located on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Though your journey going here can be so tough, but still it is worth since lands here seems to be untouched and rich. You could enjoy fresh air offered by green and abundant environment unlike any other parts of Costa Rica, which are quite overdeveloped.
For you to get in Santa Teresa, there are four ways, they are:

By Plane
When you depart from San Jose, you have 30 minutes to fly to Tambor. From there, you need to drive 40 minutes in order to get into Makanas. Typically, two companies do fly right from San Jose to Tambor. These are Sansa and Nature Air. Call them now for more information.

By Shuttle
One will take you and pick you up on the airport of even on the hotel of San Jose. After that they will bring your directly to Santa Teresa proper.
Approximately, it would cost $55 US every person. For schedules, it is better if you will ask us since these changes every season. You may reserve your transfer through the help of Canaima Chill House.

By Bus
If you want to get the cheapest way of transportation down to Santa Teresa, then bus is the best choice for this. Every day, there are 2 public buses which depart from the town of San Jose to Santa Teresa right at 8:00 in the morning and exactly 2:00 in the afternoon. Bus schedules may change without the prior notice that is why it is very important if you always check schedules of the bus online prior on going so you can assure that your trio is worry-free. Recently, it is known that public buses are being scheduled to leave two times every day right from Coca-Cola terminal. T If you are going to ride on the taxi, it would basically take 30 minutes from the airport of San Jose to Coca-Cola Terminal.
From that point, you must get bus for Montezuma/ Santa Teresa. Assure that you would clarify to the driver its location. You would spend more or less S14.40, which already includes the fare for ferry. This bus will transport you then on the Puntaneras ferry. Then from Puntaneras ferry down to Paquera. When you already reach Paquera, your bus will take to your most awaited destination. Clarify again to the driver of the bus that you are going directly on Makana, Santa Teresa.

Renting a Car
As soon as you arrive in San Jose through car, you must take Panamerican Highway or if not, you can opt for Caldera Highways going to Puntarenas. After that, take a ferry right from the Puntarenas leading to Paquera. Follow that Paquera road down through Tambor and then Cobano to Santa Teresa or Malpais.

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